Our new Windows Phone game AIR HOCKEY was published just in time for the New Year! AIR HOCKEY is our second mobile game. Like Crystalines, the AIR HOCKEY has enjoyed a warm welcome from the players! The game has been downloaded thousands of times and most of the ratings and reviews that we see are five star! Thank you dear players.

Why make yet another AIR HOCKEY? Well, there are several reasons why we thought we would make the AIR HOCKEY.

First, our implementation sports considerably better graphics (and by now this not our subjective opinion as most of the players find our graphics way better than that of the competition).

Second, the game play of our AIR HOCKEY is smoother. Thanks to our EuclidX XNA Game Engine, the game is super smooth, period.

Third, we use an intelligent vibration feedback. Unlike other air hockey games there, our vibration is smart enough to conserve your phone's battery.

Fourth, our AI is more human-like. In other words, while the hard mode plays really well and it's not that difficult to defeat it, you still have a chance to do so. The movement of our AI paddle is comparable to that of a human.

The last, but not the least, our AIR HOCKEY sports probably the best physics you can see in an air hockey game. Yes, we use Farseer physics engine like many other games out there. However, what makes our AIR HOCKEY's physics special is the physics model used in the game.

Well, you have just to play our AIR HOCKEY to see that the above points are all true! You are cordially invited to download the game and play it right away. Yes, it's free and always will be!

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Happpy Holidays!