Science surprises us every day with somewhat contradictory conclusions. The common opinion about smartphone users getting doomed with their devices appears to be a hasty one – the latest research published in PLoS ONE has concluded that a few minutes gaming on your phone can make you way smarter!

Playing with your phone has never been so productive – with ten thousands of games available for each and every taste. The experiment conducted recently has involved 75 people playing phone-based games for an hour a day for four weeks, and the result was that their working memory, focus, spatial memory, and multitasking ability have improved significantly! To be more concrete, the test at the end of the study revealed that the participants’ scores in multiple areas of cognition hopped by as much as 40 percent compared to pre-videogame levels.

The study suggests that some video games are a workout for your brain, compares the process to weight training pumps up your biceps. The brain boost can last from a few months to 2 years, similarly to the physical exercising. The notable thing is that it’s not obligatory to bury your face in your phone for a full 60 minutes a day to get the advantageous result, a few minutes to squeeze them in is quite enough to do the trick!

However, you have to choose the right game to match your desired brain benefit. The game genres have been classified according to the skills they enhance the following way:

Action games and first-person shooters enhance your brain’s ability to quickly assess and disregard irrelevant information or distractions.

Shape-manipulation puzzlers improve attention and multi-tasking ability, as the games usually involve tasks that hone your brain’s ability to store and retrieve short-term memories, along with the need to quickly switch between challenges without losing focus.

Memory games are suggested to boost spatial working memory, as they require you to use that brain function responsible for remembering your way around a new environment, or for breaking down complex visual data or diagrams.

Hidden-object games, relevantly, enhance visual search ability, as they help your eyes locate and recognize what you’re searching for more quickly than normal.

Full study report is available here. Do not hesitate to voice up your opinion in the comments below.