Since the smartphone creation, the game developers have emerged offering thousands of games for users to download for free and play. While majority of the games offered are free of charge, there are of course apps that people have to pay for. However, even those apps that are considered to be expensive cost only a few dollars.

Nevertheless, the recent analysis suggests that these games on average make at least few thousand dollars. As long as the smartphone industry matures, the developers found a way to make money off "free" games via advertising, while players find it always better to play a game with light ads, rather than to pay for an ad-free version. Moreover, the recent study found out that 110 million Americans prefer free-to-play than pay-to-play, based on the response of 77 % of gamers who are spending more time with free-to-play.

Another reason for smartphone gaming popularity is its convenience and accessibility – on one’s way to office, school or college, in a boring session or while waiting for your turn in a long line. These two reasons in combination cause the rapid mobile adoption, so more and more gamers in the US view the smartphone as their preferred platform of choice. So smartphones are almost equal to consoles as preferred gaming platform. These trends are strengthened by the increase of affordable smartphone availability, with top manufacturers releasing low-budget phones for savvy customers.

The estimated uprise in smartphones suggests that one in two Americans will have one by the end of 2014, so mobile gaming on a smartphone will jump over gaming on a console or computer quite soon! So the smartphones are considered to be the full substitutes of other gaming devices in less than two years, with consoles joining the list of the devices we used to know, including the cassette tapes, pagers and many more.