Image credit: ConnectQuest
Industry-leading app analytics believe that handheld video games market is being killed off by the smartphone sector. With the iOS and Android games software market accounting for 19% of the entire $2.7bn handheld and mobile games market in the US in 2009, it has claimed a 58% market share by now, with the value of more than $3.3bn!

This seems to be the biggest content revolution that the technology world has ever seen, demonstrating that indies are do capable to change an extremely well- established market too. With struggling handheld gaming devices and consoles, smartphones are gradually taking the lead due to the following three reasons:

In difference with handled consoles, a smartphone user nearly always has their phone to hand. Being small and convenient, smartphone is always in their pocket or unobtrusively sitting in their handbag. This means that there is a much higher probability of a smartphone user to play, than there is for no-smartphone owner. So while the larger dedicated gaming device is always a choice, smartphone gaming is a default.

Being arguably the most user friendly devices on the market, smartphones are so intuitive to use that if you give one to a child, they can use it as if by instinct. So with such a strong advantage over other gaming devices, smartphone remains to be number one gaming device according to its accessibility.

And most importantly, despite being fast while reading your e-mails or browsing the App Store, the content present in smartphones is either free or comparatively very cheap, in difference with video games. Moreover, the diversity of alternatives gives everyone a choice to get the game for each and every taste. If we consider the wide price range for smartphones itself, it gets clearer why the clever mobile devices are to blame in gaming content revolution!