The exploded popularity of smartphones, technology improvements, size and weight reductions and fast wireless network data speeds have hit the portable gaming devices quite hard. Despite the fact that there is no doubt the gaming consoles will likely always be ahead of smartphones due to difference in physical size, battery life, and memory limitations, it’s quite different when it comes to portable gaming devices such as the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Vita which share many of the same constraints as smartphones.

During the infancy of mobile phones, it was considered impossible to play Air Hockey on your mobile device, but with today’s smartphones equipped with dual and quad-core processors, games have become deeper, more diverse and thus more complex. On the other hand, the portable gaming consoles have several strong points, with the big titles to be their strongest competitive advantage. Relying more on traditional model of game purchasing and distribution, consoles are steadily starting to decrease in popularity with the mobile games being on the cheap and easy-to-access side.

The researches have claimed that the smartphones are equal to gaming consoles in terms of consumption and moreover, the predictions suggest the handled gaming to be faded by 2014. So it can’t be denied that smartphones have evolved into devices that are overtaking the field that was once the exclusive territory of handheld game machines. Despite the fact that full-blown game consoles provide top performance, excellent graphics, and a deep entertainment experience for gamers who demand the best, the smart mobile devices are much more cost effective, with rich and cheap content. With handheld gaming being great, some game manufacturers still haven’t adopted the successful game business model that mobile gaming companies use, so they’re not accustomed to offer games that are inexpensive and entertaining at the same time.

As a conclusion, it still can be argued that handheld game machines are superior in graphics and performance when compared to mobile phone games, but once we look at the issue more globally, considering the overall fun factor, value, and huge game selection of titles, mobile games and smartphones are a duet that is impossible to beat!