Gamers are no longer consisting only from young men in dark rooms – forget about this stereotype! The age of "mummy gamers" has taken start, who play games on her mobile while waiting to pick the kids up from school or standing in the supermarket queue.

One of the largest Australian mobile gaming companies, behind the global hit smartphone games downloaded more than 500 million times; claims that about half of its players are female and that figure is growing each month.

An equal split between the sexes when it comes to gaming supports the Australian Interactive Games and Entertainment Association 2012 report that found 47 per cent of gamers were women. Moreover, it also reflects research released in March by US analyst group Frank N. Magid Associates that showed that 45 per cent of women said smartphones were their favorite platform for playing games.

The “mummy gamers” are noticed by the recently released Flurry Analytics study of 25,000 people, which found gaming is the most popular app category among mothers, something people fitted in with their lifestyle.
Chief marketing officer of Halfbrick, Phil Larsen comments:

"Not everyone has a lot of time for games. Mums don't have a lot of time. Now that these devices and these platforms are able to accommodate that, that's exploded and everyone has seen that games are such a huge industry now. It's not a case that games are offline and a segregated activity, now they're integrated with what's going on and that's really exciting I think. That's how people can find the time and justify it to themselves.”

Social analyst Mark McCrindle said the following concerning the new gamer’s category: 

"They're getting a referral that so-and-so is playing, through the social connections that they have, technologically they're hearing about these games. It is that idle moment thing. Mums do a lot of waiting for the kids, whether it be the tutoring or the soccer training of the school pick up, that's when they grab their devices and check in to see where they're going, what level they're up to and tap away. They're great multitaskers. They're able to fill their moments and technology has been a real enabler in that sense."

So forget about the characteristics of “an average gamer”, usually regarded as a young man in his mid-30s and stop discriminating – mums are quite often the game winners too!